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On March 11th, 2022 IVASS published two important documents:

  1. the Discussion Document n. 1/2022 which reports the preliminary considerations for future regulatory interventions by IVASS on the subject of life products;
  2. the Consultation Document no. 3/2022 which contains the draft provisions on Unit and Index Linked insurance contracts.

The first document urges the Academy, consumers and all professionals operating in the insurance sector to develop proposals for regulatory intervention on the following topics:

  • A) Regulation 38/2011;
  • B) Content and determination of the demographic guarantee of class III products;
  • C) Other lines of legislative action on the regulation of life products.

Click HERE to read the first document.

With the second document, IVASS presents to the market the regulation scheme that introduces the new discipline of “Linked” contracts, updating the contents of circular 474 of 21 February 2002 and of the Regulation, in line with the new European and national regulations adopted. n. 32 of 11 June 2009.

Click HERE to open the second document.

Enjoy the reading.