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We know how companies can unlock their potential through an algorithmic approach aimed at interpreting and simplifying their complexity.

Our know-how has been consolidated over decades of work, supporting insurance companies and pension funds in the evaluation of their assets, liabilities and risk profiles.

We don’t limit ourselves to traditional risk management, but we consider risk as a possible income generator: we use data analysis and machine learning techniques to propose innovative methodologies, with the aim of improving business performance.

We’re Italian proud to work in Italy.


Our Founders have a strong background in consulting services and share the same passion for research and innovation.
Paolo Botta Algoritmic's Founder
Paolo De Angelis Algoritmic's Founder
Nini Savelli Algoritmic's Founder
Antonia Boccadoro Algoritmic's Founder

Our Values

The climate transition along with environmental risks represent the new economic paradigms.

The generation of value passes through responsible actions towards the environment, sensitivity to social aspects and attention to governance aspects.

This awareness involves the entire supply chain of investors, including consultants.

For this reason, Algoritmic® has defined its own minimum requirements for compliance with ESG principles.

What is ESG?

Algoritmic’s ESG commitments


Algoritmic® is a completely paperless consulting company. All reports, communications and letters are not printed and are digitally signed where necessary.

In the rare cases where a document needs to be printed, this will only be done on recyclable paper or produced by raw materials from sustainably managed plantations.

Algoritmic® undertakes to use only low energy consumption real estate properties, reducing energy and water consumption, generating less waste while minimizing the carbon footprint of own business.


Equal Employment Opportunities are a fundamental principle for Agoritmic®, where employment is based only on personal skills and qualifications without discrimination based on race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability, religion or any another feature protected by law.

Algoritmic® is committed to creating a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Everyone has the right to work in a professional environment that promotes peers opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices, including harassment.


Algoritmic® always encourages the full application of current regulations and condemns corruption in all its forms. In all its consultancy activities, including the construction of Artificial Intelligence models, it operates in full compliance with the primary and secondary legislation in force.

Research & Development

Research and development play a central role in Algoritmic® which, also for the profile of its consultants, is a privileged place for scientific research on quantitative issues where the development of innovative models, methods and processes can produce the result of improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our customers’ business.

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Corporate Identity

How we would like to be perceived by our customers and why we chose the name “Algoritmic”……

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