By deed of the Notary Claudio Ciaffi, Algoritmic® S.r.l. was established, a consulting company that aims to support its customers in the design and implementation of solutions for risk management, data analysis and management as well as in the management of operational and strategic changes.

The company can make use of the know-how contributed by its founding partners and CEO, Paolo de Angelis, Nino Savelli and Paolo Botta, consolidated over decades of consulting activities in support of insurance companies and of pension funds, mainly in the valuation of assets, liabilities and risk profiles.

However, Algoritmic® is not limited to traditional risk management, but considers risk as a source of possible income generation: through the use of data analysis techniques and machine learning it is able to propose innovative methodologies, with the aim to improve company performance.

For some specific areas such as the application of statistical methodologies and data analysis as well as the management of privacy and data protection (GDPR compliance), Algoritmic® is also aimed at customers belonging to sectors other than Insurance Companies and Pension Funds.

Here you can find the press release.